Customer feedback and suggestions are very important to us at Dre Twt, they help us to develop and improve. 
It’s especially important when it comes from the little people themselves. 

When Ada came to play.

Ada and her nana Bridget who are regular visitors came  to play again this week at Dre Twt. 
I asked Ada what she thought we should change the vets section into next? 
Ada said she would like to play in a hospital to look after the poorly dollies. 
I said “that’s a good idea, we’ve just had some dolly beds that have been delivered that would be good but they need to be built.”

Ada got really excited and asked if she could see them and that she could help me build them. 
So with Nana saying that it was OK for Ada to help we set about making the beds. 

Once we built the beds  Ada decided to set up the role play dolls hospital and we removed the animals. Ada showed me where to place the beds and the chairs so visitors ( her nana) could sit when they came to visit.
I showed Ada some pediatric nurses costumes. She put on one, then handed me the other one and said you can put that one on.  
Who was I to say no?  

Caring for the patients.

We then set about caring for the dolls.  One doll had a rash, one had a cough and the other had a high temperature so needed to be cooled down. Ada sent her Nana off to Twtsco to pick up some juice and food to help make the dollies better, but she was not allowed in until visiting hours and was sent away until the time was right.

Ada did a great job.  
Now I’ve been set the challenge by Ada to transform the section into a dolls hospital role play section in time for half term. 

Ada has since been in contact through her nan to tell me that the hospital will also need bandages and ice packs.

No pressure then!!!

Does your child like playing role play hospital? Then why not come and check out Dre Twt’s very own Doll hospital this half term inspired by Ada.

Spaces are limited so we do reccomend that you book in advance to avoid dissapointment. Click on the booking tab for available session times.