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Welcome to Dre Twt, a family run business and the ultimate kid hangout in South West Wales, nestled snugly in St. Clears – just a stone’s throw from Carmarthen, Llanelli, and Pembroke! Founded by Nia, a Mam of two and an Early Years pro, Dre Twt is all about creating awesome play experiences that ignite children’s imaginations.  

Introducing Nia, the genius behind Dre Twt! A Mam of two with a heart for play and Early Years Education. With degrees, NVQ qualifications in Early Years Education, plus trainer and assessor certifications, she’s the real deal! From supporting kiddos with complex needs to helping settings ace playtime, Nia’s been there, done that across England and Wales. And now? She’s on a mission to make Dre Twt the ultimate playground for kids everywhere! It’s a place where little ones can learn, laugh, and let their imaginations soar in a safe, stimulating environment. It’s like a tiny town for tots and their grown-ups, designed to reflect our awesome community and provide the ultimate playground for imaginative play. 


Dre Twt Design: Hold onto your hats, folks – Dre Twt is about to blow your mind! Imagine a tiny town bursting with realistic spots that’ll leave you speechless. We’ve got Twtsco Supermarket (thanks to Nia’s dad’s stroke of genius!), Salon Catrin (named after Nia’s pamper-loving daughter), and Llwyfan Mali Theatre (a tribute to a little entertainer who stole our hearts). But wait, there’s more! From Caffi Rhys, inspired by Nia’s cooking prodigy son, to a Vet surgery for Ollie the family dog, and even a construction site to build dreams at Rees and Beynon, the fun never stops. Plus, there’s a mini road connecting it all for an immersive play experience like no other. So buckle up and hit the road for a playtime adventure of a lifetime! 

 Nia knew that making the tiny town fun for kids wasn’t just about her own expertise. She rallied a team of Early Years pros to make each area top-notch. Together, they brainstormed and figured out how to make playtime not just fun, but also super educational. The result? A setup where parents can join in to support and expand their children’s play. Plus, they stocked up on high-quality toys, many of which are eco-friendly, durable, and designed to ignite children’s imaginations within each area. 

Dre Twt retail a number of products to purchase. being an official Melissa and Doug toy stockist along with Le Toy Van and also Small Foot Wooden Toys.   

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Did you know that we’re like the superheroes of the Early Years world? Yep, we’ve been recognised by other pros for our top-notch playtime expertise! But here’s the coolest part: We’re not keeping all this awesomeness to ourselves! Oh no, we’re all about spreading the love and sharing our knowledge with others. That’s why we throw open our doors to educators and pros who want to soak up some Dre Twt magic. Whether you’re looking for advice, guidance, or just some inspiration to jazz up your own learning spaces, we’ve got you covered! So, if you’re a pro or organisation in the Early Years sector itching for some support or maybe even a collaboration that’ll knock your socks off, hit us up! We’re always up for a chat and ready to make some magic happen. 

Get ready for fun with Dre Twt! Our public sessions are a whopping 75 minutes of excitement, and you can snag your spot easily through our website. Want something more private? We’ve got exclusive bookings for friend groups, so you can have the whole place to yourselves! And oh, birthdays? We’ve got you covered with exclusive party packages. Plus, we roll out the red carpet for schools and nurseries, offering visits that fit right into the curriculum. Whether it’s exclusive hire, birthday bashes, or school shindigs, shoot us an email or fill out our contact form. Let’s make some memories! 

But wait, there’s more! Our amazing team? They’re the real MVPs, making sure every little one has a safe and super fun time.  Plus, we’ve got Gaynor, a rock star occupational therapist, leading the way on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays sessions, as well as running our popular messy play and ALN/SEN sessions!

Safety first, fun second! Our play sessions are carefully crafted, with safety checks and station inspections galore. And with limited spots available, every child gets the VIP treatment they deserve.

All staff are fully trained and have an up to date DBS check and first aid.

Hungry for more? Refreshments:- While we might not have a full-blown café, and this would also take away from the play time (hey, gotta keep those play sessions going!), we’ve got you covered with tasty treats to keep the energy levels up. Need a pick-me-up? We’ve got tea, coffee, and hot chocolate to warm you up. Feeling thirsty? Grab a soft drink! And for those snack attacks, we’ve got pre-packed goodies like chocolate and crisps. So, whether you’re fuelling up for more play or just need a little snack break, we’ve got just what you need to keep the fun going! 🍫☕️ 

Parking? Easy peasy! Just remember to reverse park to avoid any bumps, and if our 4 spaces are full, there’s extra space down the llane within the church car park. So, what are you waiting for? Come join the fun at Dre Twt, where playtime isn’t just fun – it’s learning in disguise!