Within Dre Twt  we have a very special Cafe. 
“Caffi Rhys”
The cafe is named after my son, and his name
You guessed it,  is Rhys.

As a small boy Rhys loved nothing more than dressing up and role playing. 

He attended the nursery where I  worked at the time . 

 They had all the different areas but Rhys loved the role play area the most, what was even better is that is got changed depending on the topic for that time, so it was never just a home corner for very long. 

It was a shoe shop, a restaurant, a space station, an ice cream van and so much more. The children including Rhys got so excited when the area changed and they loved investigating the different elements within it. 

It was lovely to see their imagination come to life. The learning that went on within these areas was also fascinating to observe. Children were learning without realising. They were developing social skills by sharing and taking turns with one another, developing their language and communication skills by talking and listening, mathematics and writing skills. (More on how role play can help develop children’s skills at a later date) 

I remember Rhys dressing up all the time. We had a dress up box full to the brim in our house, we even went through a stage that he was never in ordinary clothes and the fancy dress replaced the clothes in his wardrobe. A trip to the supermarket with spider man was a regular occurrence. 

 I would go in to get him ready for nursery in the morning and I would say “morning Rhys” only for him to reply “I’m not Rhys im Fire man Sam” or i’m a monster or a spider. Or something equally bisare. I along with the other nursery staff would have to call him by the name of the character he was in for that day, as he refused to answer to Rhys. 

 Rhys is no longer a little boy and today is his Birthday, today Rhys is 11 years old and yesterday was his last day in primary school. He is growing up way too fast. Theses days his fashion sense has changed somewhat, he no longer asks me to wash his spiderman costume but more his skinny jeans and hoodie. 

I cherish these memories fondly of Rhys as a little boy, they are priceless.  Now I am very blessed to be able to witness other children’s role play moments by having a very small part  to play by creating the environment to support them in becoming their role play character.

Here is a photo of Chef Rhys at the age of 3 and now when he helped to paint his Cafe at Dre Twt. 

Today we have placed a Birthday Cake in Caffi Rhys to celebrate. 

Penblwydd Hapus  11 Sheff Rhys 

Llawer o gariad Mam x