Sandwich Set


Sandwich Set

Get them ready for making their sandwiches for school with the Melissa and Doug Sandwich Set. A great addition to a play kitchen or for use on its own, it has a small loaf which cuts into 4 slices to make your sandwich on.

There are a choice of fillings to add to the sandwich, from meat to cheese and tomatoes and lettuce. They can make the sandwich as basic or as elaborate as they like. The food is held in place by velcro dots meaning it won’t slip and slide away.

Many people don’t know but Melissa and Doug are real people – they started the company and are still the main driving force behind it.

They have 6 kids of their own and all of their toys go through product testing from their harshest critics! From their offices in Connecticut in America, they make all of their prototypes from design to the completed item, before it goes off to the factory to be made.

Their mission in this technological age is to bring back childhood and toys.

Sandwich making set Durable wooden toy.

Suitable for age 3+17

Pieces held together with velcro

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