Cutting Food Set


Cutting Food Set

Perfect as an addition to a play kitchen or for a budding chef the Melissa and Doug Cutting Food allows them to explore the idea of preparing food without the mess.

The set includes 8 pieces of food which can be cut into 27 sections on the cutting board with the wooden knife.

The whole time they are playing they are also learning about fractions! When the items are cut they make a very satisfying crunch noise too. This food helps teach hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. It can also introduce new words and build on language skills as you play.

Other cognitive development includes counting skills, colour recognition, sorting and grouping.

Many people don’t know but Melissa and Doug are real people – they started the company and are still the main driving force behind it. They have 6 kids of their own and all of their toys go through product testing from their harshest critics! From their offices in Connecticut in America, they make all of their prototypes from design to the completed item, before it goes off to the factory to be made.

Their mission in this technological age is to bring back childhood and toys. Wooden cutting food 8 pieces of food cuts into 27 pieces.

Suitable for ages 3+

Crunch’ sound when cutting

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