Cup Cake Set


Cup Cake Set

What is more fun than decorating cupcakes? Well, now your little one can do it as many times as they like with the Melissa and Doug Cupcake Set.

The set come with 4 cupcakes to which you can add a layer of (plastic) icing. Using the included ‘icing pens’ they can then add their own touch to the cakes. The decorations simply wipe off so they can start again.

Also included in the set are paper cases for ‘baking’ the cakes in, a cupcake tray and an oven mitt for getting them out of the oven. There are also 4 candles and ‘flames’ to complete the look. Many people don’t know but Melissa and Doug are real people – they started the company and are still the main driving force behind it.

They have 6 kids of their own and all of their toys go through product testing from their harshest critics! From their offices in Connecticut in America, they make all of their prototypes from design to the completed item, before it goes off to the factory to be made.

Their mission in this technological age is to bring back childhood and toys.

Decorate your own cupcakes Set of 4’Icing’ pens included.

Wipe clean

Suitable for age 3+

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