If you have young children you will probably be familiar with the TV cartoon Peppa Pig and the various characters that live in the community. 

One character that sticks out every time I’ve had the pleasure of watching an episode is Mrs Rabbit. 

She clearly is a phenomenal woman. I have no idea how she does it all! Have you noticed how many job rolls that woman has? 

Well it got me interested. (Yes I know, I clearly have far too much time on my hands) 
From what I can find, Mrs Rabbit has a total number of 24 job roles! 24 jobs!! 
Here is Mrs Rabbit full list of job roles:

  1. Face painter
  2. Check in/air hostess
  3. Ice cream sales
  4. School bus driver
  5. Ice skate attendant
  6. Librarian
  7. Camping Holiday – Ticket sales
  8. Souvenir seller
  9. Photographer
  10. Shoe sales assistant
  11. Cafe sales person
  12. Santa’s grotto – Toy Train driver (seasonal)
  13. Christmas Tree Sales (seasonal)
  14. Funfair game stall holder (seasonal)
  15. China shop owner
  16. Crane operator
  17. Dental Nurse
  18. Train Driver
  19. Fire Engine Driver/Fire fighter
  20. Supermarket cashier
  21. Bus driver
  22. Helicopter pilot
  23. Nurse
  24. Taxi driver

She is the glue that holds this community together. This woman deserves a medal!!
…Oh wait, she’s already received one from Her Majesty the Queen. The Queen’s award for industry. (At least someone has recognised her efforts) 
She is a very busy Rabbit. 

Now with the Coronavirus taking hold, many of Mrs Rabbit’s job roles have had to stop as they are not able to implement the social distancing rule. (Hopefully she has been able to receive furlough for these jobs and not been made redundant). Some, thankfully have been able to adapt their business in these strange times, such as the shoe shop and china shop who have now taken their sales online and the café is now offering home deliveries.

You would have thought that with so many of Mrs Rabbit’s employers having to shut up shop for the time being that Mrs Rabbit would be having a well deserved break. 
Not the case! As the other residents seem to be too lazy and continue to leave Mrs Rabbit to run the show while they self-isolate. Mrs Rabbit is still rushed off her feet, as 9 out of the 24 jobs that she does are classed as key worker roles.

Mrs Rabbit as a Key Worker!

As a result of the virus, the work load of these roles have increased 10 fold, meaning that poor Mrs Rabbit is close to breaking point!
So while Peppa, George, Daddy and Mummy Pig along with the rest of the inconsiderate residents of the town who are self-isolating, allow one poor woman to do everything. Mrs Rabbit continues to keep the town running risking her life through the following roles. (PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME SERVICES HAVE BEEN REDUCED )

  1. Crane operator
  2. Dental Nurse (Emergency cases only)
  3. Train Driver (Train journeys have been reduced)
  4. Fire engine driver/ Fire fighter
  5. Supermarket Cashier
  6. Bus driver (Bus journeys have been reduced)
  7. Helicopter pilot
  8. Taxi Driver (Drop in customers due to lock down)
  9. Nurse

I do hope that she does not make herself ill by doing too much!

Well done Mrs Rabbit!

If only people had noticed how valuable your jobs were before the virus. Don’t worry though. Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig will be out to clap your efforts every Thursday!