Anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed with EVERYTHING! at the moment?  

This time is stressful time for everybody.  

There’s so much News, there’s so much noise on social media.  

“You should do this, you should do that, keep going, do all these activities, do Joe Wicks fitness club, here’s some more free stuff to keep your kids active, don’t let your children’s school work drop.” 

The kids are crying, having a melt down and their world has been turned upside down just as much as yours has and you can’t go out to let off some steam!  

In the meantime, you’re wondering if you still have a job, an income, how you going to pay the bills, how you going to keep food in your children’s stomachs.  


Yours and your children’s mental health is SO IMPORTANT right now!  

 Yesterday I found myself in this exact same predicament.  

With worrying about all the above, my son had a moment and got upset because he didn’t understand his online schoolwork. So naturally he came and asked me.  I scoured the internet looking for information and just got more confused, I took one look and thought OH MY GOD!  I have no idea! I tried my best but wasn’t in the frame of mind to focus and help and in turn this led me to having a meltdown. We both sat and cried. (We SOBBED!)  

I took a moment and had a quiet word with myself. “This is NOT HELPING look at what is happening to you. To Rhys!” 

I can’t control what’s going on outside my front door.

I wish I could, but I can’t,  I can however control what is going on inside my house at this moment in time.  

This time is stressful and scary enough. Do I really need the added stress of school work? Does my son need the added stress when his whole world has already been turned upside down? Then on top of that see his mum go to bits because she can’t figure out how to place landmarks on the a map and give the grid reference? ( I was never good at map reading when I was in the Army, so have little hope learning now over google classroom) 

Right now! What Rhys needs is knowing that he is safe and that his mother can hold it together. So if not doing school work helps me and my son hold it together then that is what I’m going to do.  

As parents we never have it figured out and we never will. People who say they do are telling you a BIG FAT FIB!  

Feeling guilty because everyone is in your face with the constant positive posts of how fab their home schooling is going. I can garantee you that behind the sceens they aren’t always perfect. Most people only post what they want the world to see. So don’t feel guilty for one minute that you let your kids eat ice cream in their Pj’s and they sat and watched T.V all day. If that is what you needed to do in that moment in time to keep your sanity then that is what you do!

What I’m saying is. It’s Okay not to have it all together all the time. 

It’s not about burying your head in the sand and pretend it’s not happening. It’s taking care of your mental health, so you are in a better position to deal with the stressful and hard bits later on.   

I’m using this time to relax, nurture, care and make memories with my family. This will then lead me into a better state of mind so I can sort everything else out later. Hell I may even give Joe Wicks a look up on You Tube . ( I hear he’s a bit dishy)  

So PLEASE stop worrying about their grades and how much they may fall behind. 

Your child’s mental health is more important than their grades. Let them be little, let them be creative, let them play. Let them be children.  

We are NOT teachers we are their parents, our job is to keep them safe. Go easy on yourself you’re doing a great job.  

Cariad Nia x